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What are your allergies?

The best way to get tested for allergies.

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What are your allergies?

The best way to get tested for allergies.
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Same technology as leading hospitals. (Tests include FDA-cleared ImmunoCAP respiratory allergen panels)

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Medical assistant comes to you for testing if your zipcode is eligible.

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Curex IgE Test
finger prick for allergies
Finger Pricking Test
skin scratch test for allergies

Test Accuracy


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Gold Standard
Gold Standard


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Medical Restrictions

No meds before test

Results Turnaround

3-10 days
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30 mins


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Reasons to get tested with Curex

It’s simple. Curex doesn’t profit from allergy testing. Our business is to treat allergies after people get tested.
Get tested.
Get actionable medical advice.
Prevent and reduce allergies for the long-term.
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Curex Allergy Panel

It's not about the size, it's about the quality.
We test all common indoor, outdoor & pet allergens. The test is customized for you based on your symptoms history & region.
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Pet Allergens

Dogs, Cats, Horses, & More
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Tree Pollen

Birch, Ash, Cedar & More
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Grass Pollen

Bermuda Grass, Timothy Grass & More
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Weed Pollen

Ragweed, Mugwort & More
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Indoor Allergens

Mold, Dust Mites, Cockroach & More
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From our Customers

Megan S.

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"...I had to deal with multiple incorrect allergy tests before giving up and going to Curex. I received an immediate response, got blood drawn at my own house, and got treatment delivered shortly after."

Jessica P.

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"The whole process of diagnosis and care was easy and fast, and I've developed a great relationship with my allergist. I also got some really useful advice on my food allergies and my sinuses."

Natalie A.

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"Allergy treatment made easy the way it should be. Testing done at home, not the torture skin test I've endured before."

Chelsea M.

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"Curex's remote consultations and allergy testing services is exactly what I need! The customer service has also been amazing - so responsive and knowledgeable."

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